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DOOR Opens 6:30pm.  Event begins promptly at 7:00pm.







The FALL 2017 Pass

SEASON PASSES for FALL 2017: A limited number of passes will be available. Stay tuned for our on-sale date.

Our Cinematically Adventurous Fast Pass allows you to bypass online ticketing, check in at the host stand, and slide into your seat. The pass admits one person to a series of film events and includes surprise Cine-perks. This pass is for those who are committed to supporting our full season - though our full schedule is unannounced.

The Fast Pass allows one person entry on the night of the film only. You cannot "save up punches" and bring friends to a future film; however, you can share the pass with a friend if you are unable to attend.  If the pass goes unused, we thank you for supporting our season and making independent film events and visiting filmmakers possible in Cinema Falls.


QUESTIONS? Please click on the CONTACT tab and email us if you have more questions after reading the information below. Cinema Falls is located at 309 S Minnesota Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD  57104.


Q.  Where is the list of upcoming films?

A. You can check the website and Facebook for our upcoming films. We often first reveal our films over the season by email to our cinematically adventurous pass holders. You can join our e-news list and have film information come right to your inbox.  

Q. How do I join and what does the pass cost?

A. You can mail in a check or drop it off at Cinema Falls reception if you want to save the online fee. The pass allows you entrance to films on the dates we've designated and communicated. You can transfer the pass to a friend if you cannot attend. Simply email us via the contact page for instructions on payment and cost for the pass. 

Q. How does the pass work?

A. After payment, your pass will be waiting for you at the first film of the season. Look for our special Fast Pass check in line where we speed subscribers through the door. Many have been with us since February 2012! Most people like that they rarely need to worry about online ticketing except for a few special events during the season - and they also receive special perks from time to time - like bonus films or parties. 

Q. What is the pass worth? How many films do I get to see?

A. Some might say the Fast Pass is "priceless" - because it does have benefits that keep our roster of subscribers growing every year. Take a look at our past events to see how many films and events our pass holders enjoyed. Our goal is to deliver a pass that is worth far more than you pay in terms of access, extras and convenience. Most seasons we present at least 9 to 10 films, and every season we provide a value greater than pass purchase price.