Hold the Popcorn: Our Virtual Movie Lobby Posters

Sometimes it’s not until you stack things up side by side that you can step back and see the big picture – and in our case, that big picture looks very good on the big screen this year. This season is one for the books, with a launch that includes record-breaking numbers of pass holders and a truly impressive lineup of film gems.

The downbeat of our film baton began with an exciting behind-the-scenes look at scoring movie music featuring special guests from the SD Symphony. Next, we collectively dabbed at our eyes while Sally Hawkins dabbed her paintbrush across our hearts – playing real life folk artist Maud Lewis. In September, we’ll adventure through cosplay and obsessive fandom with SNL’s Kyle Mooney in a send up of children’s programming (think Barney and Teddy Ruxpin) and end the month as an official participant in Art House Theater Day 2017.

Cinema Falls has long demonstrated a commitment to Native American voices, and let’s just say that come Art House Day, we’re ready to RUMBLE with an award-winning rockumentary featuring Buffy Sainte-Marie, John Trudell, Martin Scorsese and Tony Bennett. We’ll put the finishing touches on September with the elegant ode to architecture and gorgeously lensed Kogonada film shot entirely (and surprisingly) amongst the modernist buildings of Columbus, Indiana. Just look at this virtual movie lobby of posters – we’re pinching ourselves.