Welcome to Cinema Falls.

Old photo of the falls in Sioux Falls, SD

Greetings from Cinema Falls! When we launched on February 14th in 2012, we set out to find and serve a growing population of people who love indie film, documentaries, and world cinema in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We ended up building a strong regional community of people who love good storytelling, quality filmmaking, and the chance to see cinematic art from all corners of the world.

Cinema Falls is about connecting, engaging, and allowing film to transport us, teach us, and take us into uncharted territory. Whether we are hosting “Hoop Dreams” director Steve James, MST3K creator Joel Hodgson, a silent film night with the renowned Alloy Orchestra, or our very own state’s Oscar® winner Barbara Schock – we’re creating experiences (and memories) beyond film exhibition.

A Destination for Film. A Community for Film Lovers.

Each fall and spring season, Cinema Falls curates a selection of films in many genres – seeking out those destined for artistic recognition – or those that should be.  We’re committed to exhibiting films with quality projection in an exhibition environment that respects the directors who made them. In other words, we want to present the best cinematic nourishment and experience available.


Cinema Falls gratefully acknowledges the support of many film partners. Their commitment to cinematic arts makes our film community possible, not to mention its impact on the larger cultural community of our region.